Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lighting the Fire on the Family Altar

Today, for various reasons, we had family church at home. Normally we would go to our wonderful church community at OHOP, or if we're ministering somewhere else, we'd be having fun experiencing a new worship service. I think God pushed us into rekindling the fire on our family altar. There has been much hustle and bustle, and very little connecting with God around our home. Nick and I have been desiring to pray together with the kids more. We've been planning to have purposeful worship time as a family. We've talked about what we'd do for family altar time. But, there was very little actual DOING.

I tell ya, sometimes I feel like a little kid and my Daddy has to yank me along by the hand 'cause I just won't keep up! (God, thank you for not letting me get lost or left behind. You are loving and faithful.)

It was a good day to light those fires. After we all went around and said our own opening prayer for our family, Nick opened his prayer book. He read out that in 1967, on today's date - June 5 - it was the beginning of the Six Day War in Israel. He gave a shortened version of the events and outcome of that conflict. God did miracles. There will always be conflict over that little bit of land - Israel - the Promised Land. He reiterated that we need to keep praying for Israel because of the enemies, pressures, spiritual warfare continuing to surround that little nation. We prayed together, taking turns again, for Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people. We read several passages from the Bible and prayed some more. The two youngest were very distracted/distracting, but I know they will learn to take joy in the place of prayer and how to be reverent to God.

Even if I have to yank them by the hand so they keep up!


  1. I love this! I love what the Lord is doing in the area of family in our community! =) Hoorahh for being obedient to the Lord and for being an amazing Mommy!

  2. We are between churches; we have been for quite a while. I think a home church in the interim would be a good fit for our family. We need to begin teaching our children about what it means to have a relationship with the Lord.

  3. That's perfect! We went through a season of that, ourselves (a few years ago.) It really brought us closer in our faith and the kids loved it!


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