Monday, May 30, 2011

My Big Girl is 10!

A week ago, we celebrated Cecelia's 10th birthday. I was overwhelmed by the realization that my big/little girl is growing up and out of childhood. She didn't even get any toys for presents. (She didn't ask for any either.) She had wanted to have a sleepover, but one of her friends wasn't able to spend the night and the other is allergic to our pets. The best alternative was THE BEACH! 

Rocky, Keliah, Cecelia, Carlo, Antonio and Luca

We drove out to Ft. Desoto park on the gulf coast and shared a picnic lunch with seagulls and had a great time swimming, exploring, and playing. Because of the long road trip and extended time on the beach (as evidenced by the pink shoulders of some of us), we had cake, ice cream and presents the next day.

Happy Birthday Cecelia!!!

I was touched when Keliah (8) wanted to pray for Cecelia to bless her birthday.
Sweet Cecelia, you may not always hear me say all I feel for you. I love you - you know that - but do you know how much I treasure and cherish you? You are the delight of my heart and everyday my respect for you and my pride in you grows. You are an amazing lover of the Lord, a girl who desires the things of God with your whole heart! I pray that you are continually blessed and amazed by the goodness of your Heavenly Father and that we as your family will always lift you up on your journey.

Keliah praying a blessing over Cecelia

My Hope is in YOU!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proud Momma Moments...

On Sunday, big changes were announced for the Children's Equipping Center at OHOP. Of course, I already knew about them because I was almost finished with the CEC newsletter coming out this week. ;)  There was a great moment when the talking was over and they showed a quick promo video put together during the week. Jessica, CEC's interim director, really wanted to show what we're growing here. The fastest way to show that is by letting the kid's do what they do best - PRAY! Friday mornings Nick teaches a group of kids 9 and up music and the Harp and Bowl model of the prayer room, after class they do a full intercession watch in the prayer room. Recently, a friend and I began a short class to equip the younger kids to participate as well. The older kids have done a great job and have grown immensely over the past 2 years; they are patient and kind to the little ones too. The "newbies" are so excited to participate in the prayer room. They are blossoming with the Joy of the Lord! Many of these kids got together for the filming of a short version of what we do on Fridays. This is the resulting video – props to Luke Schepler who did an amazing job with this!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hats & Boots to Fill

While in Oklahoma for my Grandpa's funeral, I was party to some pretty interesting post-death goings-on. There were typical moments of ordering flowers, picking out pictures from a long life to share with fellow mourners in celebration of our loved one, lots of eating of funeral food. (Praise God for wonderful women -and a few men- who cook for comfort.) We wrote MANY thank-you notes.

Then, there were the not-so-typical times.
My aunts and mom were intent on DOING CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS. They worked on the yard, emptying long-ignored flower pots to take some home to use (a little piece of Dad's garden.) They all went together to the nursing home to remove Grandpa's clothes and hygiene items. They divided the MANY gifts of plants sent for the funeral - I only escaped bringing one home because I was flying. The strangest moment for me was when they lined up all of grandpa's shoes and boots to see if any of us could use them or wanted them. Grandpa had smallish feet lengthwise, but very wide. I ended up taking 2 pairs home for my boys. I thought they could use them for a year or two when they visit Uncle Rodney's farm, then maybe I can use a pair for a cool planter.

Just a few of Grandpa's hats. (Uncle Rodney in background.)

My cousin Kevin with his choice of hat.

My cousin Chris with his "new" hat. He's the oldest grandchild.
An awe-inspiring moment was when they brought out all of Grandpa's hats. Stacks of them. Lines of them. Straw cowboy hats, leather ones, wool fedoras, canvas sun-hats, a wooly sheepskin winter hat. Each of Grandpa's children AND grandchildren got to pick a hat. I carried mine home. I put it on while waiting in a Southwest Airlines boarding line at the request of the gentleman in front of me. Trying to tell the story, I got a little teary and couldn't talk. I tucked it safely on top of my carry-on bag under the seat in front of me.
Most of us (3 cousins had already left) with our hats. I'm in the center.
These are big shoes & big hats to fill. I miss you, Grandpa!