Monday, January 25, 2010

The Birthday Not-Party

I got the last minute invitations out.
People actually R.S.V.P.'d. We were excited; I was a little nervous. I wasn't feeling great, but got up enough energy to clean up and make cupcakes. Nick came home from the children's watch alone. I had stayed home with the 3 youngest to ready the house and make sure the youngest ones got a nap before the party. Where were the 4 older kids, including the birthday girl? They went home with friends straight from the prayer watch for lunch and play. Cool.
Nick was tired and sore. He ate lunch and rested while I continued preparations.
An hour later, he said, "I think you need to cancel the party."
He really was sick. Not a fever, but sapped of all energy, achy, cough and chest congestion.
"Are you sure?" He moaned from the couch. I called the guests. We rescheduled for next Saturday.
I called Keliah to let her know so she wouldn't be too disappointed when she got home, and they got to play there a while longer. That night, we had cupcakes and ice cream anyway and she got to unwrap presents from us and her grandparents.
Keliah seems okay with it. I think she's excited to have cupcakes again next Saturday.
So, a little more waiting for those party pics.
In the meantime, I'll post some pictures from that trip to the beach that kept getting postponed.
From a month and a half ago!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday rememberance...

Today is Keliah's 7th birthday. She is an amazing, fun, beautiful, talented girl. She has a sweet and sensitive heart and I pray that God continues His good work in her as she learns to listen to Him. It's hard to believe she's 7 already. She turned 3 the day we left Kansas City for Florida. It was a day of excitement and tears; a day of good-byes and dreams for the future. How could it have been 4 years ago?

So, Fancy Nancy party tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to post pictures because it should be cute and funny.

In the meantime, our fast has been temporarily interrupted for the birthday activities. You'll never guess the birthday meal I made today. Mac & cheese and bacon. Strange, I know. But, man, it was good. It was good to have cheese, and it was really good to eat meat. Bacon is good. Then, we had ice cream sandwiches since the party food is for tomorrow. It's so great to have a family time on the birthday and then celebration time with guests. I've slowly come to the conclusion that elementary aged kids don't care how cluttered your house is; they just want to have fun! I'm not going to get stressed out about how my house looks tomorrow; just focus on fun.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Pursuit of a Family Fast

Cecelia, Carlo, and Keliah Singing at the Prayer Room

Our Mission Base, the Orlando House of Prayer, started a corporate 21-day Fast yesterday. We've decided to try our first "family fast." The other times that Nick has fasted, I've been pregnant or nursing so my fasting was limited. This time, Nick and I are trying to maintain the Daniel Fast, and the kids are too - slightly modified to include whole grains for them. Truly, this is going to be an adventure. I think 4 kids asked me for ice cream today. Uh, no.
We're trying to make it fun for them, focusing on Jesus and great opportunity to come together and pray, eat healthy veggie-centric meals, and their favorite fruits. They are little fruit piggies, but the munchies tend to set in after naptime.
It's a work in progress. I really need to do some meal planning this evening and grocery shopping tomorrow.
This week the focus for the fast is Intimacy. I'll keep you all posted on the progress.
In the meantime, I'm praying these chocolate cravings pass quickly!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Baby Hope

I want to thank you all for responding to my prayer request for my little 6-month-old niece, Hope.

Here is the "official Mommy report" on the surgery taken from my sister, Holly's blog "Dear Blank":

Hope’s surgery went relatively well. The two little bumps are history, as is the cartilage root that was hidden beneath one of them. Her stitches are already out, and her skin is healing wonderfully. She barely even needed the painkillers the surgeon prescribed. So, yay, God!

On the less great front, prior to the surgery, she developed a serious ear infection in her “good” ear, so they couldn’t do the hearing test. So we still don’t know if she has hearing in her right ear. Which was the whole reason for having the general anesthesia in the first place.


She just finished up a course of antibiotics, and on Monday we’ll see if the infection has cleared up. If it has, we’ll reschedule the hearing test, which will mean another half-day at the hospital, more (but milder) general anesthesia, and more medical bills.

For further Hope news and a funny blog on Mommy-hood, food, and other interesting tidbits, please visit Holly over on Wordpress. I always get a kick out of her point of view and news of the precocious Sophia.

Again, your prayers are so much appreciated. We are still believing for a creative miracle in Hope's right ear. She goes in for the hearing test on Jan. 19th, I believe. Press in with us and claim perfection in Hope's ear in the name of Jesus!

Sorry I don't have a new picture to share with you all of the cutie fuzz-head with her new little tooth. Gotta start claiming my Auntie rights, I guess.

Still here... although Slightly Bruised.

I know it's been forever and a hundred, if not a thousand, things have happened.

But, that's the holidays, right?

Sabina - the big meanie!

Tonight, I was beaten up by Sabina, my 2-year-old baby girl. It's true! Well, beaten up is a slight exaggeration, but still. I am bruised and swollen. It's amazing the pain I go through with these little ones.
She was freshly in her ballerina princess blanket pajamas - because HELLO it's COLD here! - and she climbed up on my lap and immediately slammed her head back as hard as she possibly could. I screamed a bad word (sorry to admit) and shoved her off my lap over to the other side of the couch. She cried, and I tried not to. She's lucky I didn't reflexively smack her. Everyone ran in to see what happened to find me holding both hands over my right eye, breathing hard with tears seeping out. I'm ashamed to admit there were a couple sobs that escaped. I felt like a pre-schooler myself at that point.
It felt like my brow bone was possibly cracked. Her head hit my right brow, just missing my eye, and the cheekbone, and hit my ear as she bounced. Antonio brought me ice as Nick griped at everyone about using all the ziplock bags. Keliah sweetly asked if I wanted her to pray for me, and I couldn't even answer. I was still trying not to break down and was not feeling charitably toward the kids at the moment.
Do you know how many "war" injuries I've sustained in the mommy business? Usually it's minor bruises or, at the worst, a fat lip. More than once. More than twice. I've actually lost track of the trauma. Nick says, "they're always beating you up!"
Keliah prayed, everyone went to bed, and I held ice on my face while watching Julie and Julia and took some Tylenol. The swelling and bruising is minimal at this point, so Nick's not too worried about someone thinking he smacked me around. We'll see how it looks tomorrow.
Anyone out there have a parenting war story to tell? Injuries or scars to compare? I'd love some company to go with this misery.