Monday, January 11, 2010

Still here... although Slightly Bruised.

I know it's been forever and a hundred, if not a thousand, things have happened.

But, that's the holidays, right?

Sabina - the big meanie!

Tonight, I was beaten up by Sabina, my 2-year-old baby girl. It's true! Well, beaten up is a slight exaggeration, but still. I am bruised and swollen. It's amazing the pain I go through with these little ones.
She was freshly in her ballerina princess blanket pajamas - because HELLO it's COLD here! - and she climbed up on my lap and immediately slammed her head back as hard as she possibly could. I screamed a bad word (sorry to admit) and shoved her off my lap over to the other side of the couch. She cried, and I tried not to. She's lucky I didn't reflexively smack her. Everyone ran in to see what happened to find me holding both hands over my right eye, breathing hard with tears seeping out. I'm ashamed to admit there were a couple sobs that escaped. I felt like a pre-schooler myself at that point.
It felt like my brow bone was possibly cracked. Her head hit my right brow, just missing my eye, and the cheekbone, and hit my ear as she bounced. Antonio brought me ice as Nick griped at everyone about using all the ziplock bags. Keliah sweetly asked if I wanted her to pray for me, and I couldn't even answer. I was still trying not to break down and was not feeling charitably toward the kids at the moment.
Do you know how many "war" injuries I've sustained in the mommy business? Usually it's minor bruises or, at the worst, a fat lip. More than once. More than twice. I've actually lost track of the trauma. Nick says, "they're always beating you up!"
Keliah prayed, everyone went to bed, and I held ice on my face while watching Julie and Julia and took some Tylenol. The swelling and bruising is minimal at this point, so Nick's not too worried about someone thinking he smacked me around. We'll see how it looks tomorrow.
Anyone out there have a parenting war story to tell? Injuries or scars to compare? I'd love some company to go with this misery.

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  1. My 3yr old son headbutted me in the face a few weeks ago and gave ne two black eyes..and yes it hurt, I said a 'not nice word' and I cried..I also sent him to his room for hurting me, he cried right along with me then..argh the joys of


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