Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Picture Sunday - Father & Child

In honor of almost Father's Day (okay it's still 2 weeks away), I posted some of my favorite pictures of Nick with some of the kids. As you can see, he is a great Daddy full of fun and love. I'm so blessed!

First, from a recent trip to the Orlando Science Center - the big boys figured out how to make that tricky cube! (Antonio, Rocky, Nick)

Nick & Cecelia snacking on the Russian Tea Cakes they made together (last year) 

Nick shadowing Sabina this Easter. So cute!

This is the closest I got to a "Baby Picture": Nick returning to the car while Sabina was "driving." I think she's almost 1 here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nothin' But Love for Ya, Baby...

Sabina's a tough one. Sometimes she's so loving, giving out hugs and kisses to her family. At other times, when asked for a kiss, she'll refuse - shaking her head - she'll say in her husky little voice, "No kiss."
So, consider yourself a lucky one. A kiss from Princess Sabina, for you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Who likes swords?

How long can you spend in a sword shop without buying anything? 
That's the question we seemed to be asking on a recent trip to St. Augustine (possibly our favorite city ever.) The kids (and Nick) would have been happy to spend another half-hour trying out the merchandise, but I felt we'd reached the limit. For the record, no sales person bothered us or asked us to leave; we had a great time. I was getting a little nervous, though, about whether Luca would pick up something and smash it over his little sister's head. He only got to try the wooden swords. ;)