Monday, December 21, 2009

Prayer Request & Funny Carlo Story

Okay beautiful people, I am coming before you, once again, to plea for prayer.
Tomorrow morning, my amazing little niece Hope (6 months) is going in for surgery. They will be removing some bumps from her face that developed in the womb the same time that her right ear mis-developed. They will also be echo testing her hearing in that ear while she's under. Please pray that she is kept safe and totally healed in Jesus' name. Also, please pray for strength and wisdom for the medical staff that comes into contact with her.
And, PLEASE pray for my sister Holly. She is somewhat afraid of the possible side-effects the anesthesia could have on her baby daughter. Pray for peace and strength in Jesus' name for her.
Above all, pray that His name be glorified in the whole process.
Thank you so much.

Now, for that funny story...

Carlo making a funny face

The other day I was driving to Barnes & Noble with (only) Carlo in the backseat. He's 5 and needed a break from everybody - as did I. We have the Christmas music station going non-stop in the car, so I was singing along to Jimmy Buffett's rendition of "Meli Kaliki Maka" which I so totally know because we had the Bing Crosby album while I was growing up. Anyway, when the song was over, I glanced in the rearview mirror and said, "Meli kaliki-maka, Carlo."
Without missing a beat, he responded, "No comprendo."
I laughed so hard I cried.

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