Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday rememberance...

Today is Keliah's 7th birthday. She is an amazing, fun, beautiful, talented girl. She has a sweet and sensitive heart and I pray that God continues His good work in her as she learns to listen to Him. It's hard to believe she's 7 already. She turned 3 the day we left Kansas City for Florida. It was a day of excitement and tears; a day of good-byes and dreams for the future. How could it have been 4 years ago?

So, Fancy Nancy party tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to post pictures because it should be cute and funny.

In the meantime, our fast has been temporarily interrupted for the birthday activities. You'll never guess the birthday meal I made today. Mac & cheese and bacon. Strange, I know. But, man, it was good. It was good to have cheese, and it was really good to eat meat. Bacon is good. Then, we had ice cream sandwiches since the party food is for tomorrow. It's so great to have a family time on the birthday and then celebration time with guests. I've slowly come to the conclusion that elementary aged kids don't care how cluttered your house is; they just want to have fun! I'm not going to get stressed out about how my house looks tomorrow; just focus on fun.


  1. Happy Birthday! Mac and Cheese and Bacon sounds like a great dinner!

  2. Bacon is good! I don't eat meat, but even I think bacon is good :) And I'm having chocolate cravings too, so I sympathize with you. Mine are for different reasons though- 9 months pregnant with borderline gestational diabetes and all I want is chocolate!


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