Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proud Momma Moments...

On Sunday, big changes were announced for the Children's Equipping Center at OHOP. Of course, I already knew about them because I was almost finished with the CEC newsletter coming out this week. ;)  There was a great moment when the talking was over and they showed a quick promo video put together during the week. Jessica, CEC's interim director, really wanted to show what we're growing here. The fastest way to show that is by letting the kid's do what they do best - PRAY! Friday mornings Nick teaches a group of kids 9 and up music and the Harp and Bowl model of the prayer room, after class they do a full intercession watch in the prayer room. Recently, a friend and I began a short class to equip the younger kids to participate as well. The older kids have done a great job and have grown immensely over the past 2 years; they are patient and kind to the little ones too. The "newbies" are so excited to participate in the prayer room. They are blossoming with the Joy of the Lord! Many of these kids got together for the filming of a short version of what we do on Fridays. This is the resulting video – props to Luke Schepler who did an amazing job with this!


  1. Wow- that is an awesome video! What a joy it is to see these kids so devoted and in love with our Lord!

    Your whole family is such a blessing, Dixie!

    I can't believe how grown up Sabina is.

    Love you all,

  2. wow, that video was amazing!!! I loved seeing the kids expressing their love for God through their music. We need more programs like that for sure!!!


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