Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few Amazing VBS Pictures

The Little Warriors learning how to work together as the Body of Christ.

Nick teaching on prayer.

Sabina had so much fun and made great new friends.

Sorry it's a bit blurry, but the dance to the Lord's prayer was great!

The little warriors working together so much better with the big parachute!

Pastor Blake leading the altar call - all of these kids chose to trust Jesus with their lives!
We had an amazing week at Encounter helping with the Let's Go Pray vacation bible school. It grew from an idea God gave me to this amazing week with almost 40 kids and an awesome team of volunteers. We were so blessed as an entire family.


  1. Awesome! So glad it went well. What a great idea with the parachute!

  2. I know! We were blessed to have an art teacher/dancer as one of the volunteers - she had great ideas to get ALL of the kids to understand worhip/prayer/art/dance. It was awesome.

  3. I absolutely love what you guys did with and for VBS this past week! Hoorah Canuso family! :) Ya did it again!


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