Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Did I Get Myself Into?

Well, it's official.
I am NOT the homeschooling queen.
I finally got my 6th grader, Antonio, going on his internet homeschool courses about a week and a half ago. He'd been taking some classes at the OHOP Co-op before that, but it was a huge wake-up call to do this! I thought he was doing great. Zooming through his lessons, catching up, enjoying the audio lessons, video lessons, interactivity, and finally his books came a couple days ago.
His grades are not doing so great. This is a straight A student. Okay, he has gotten some B's but they always averaged out. He even had some other dismal scores on occasional assignments and even quizzes that averaged out by the quarter. HELLO!
Not only is this new because of the internet/homeschool courses, but he is now in middle school. A whole new ballgame.
There is day-to-day work and assessments, but they are not included in the grade. The only grades to be averaged are Quizzes, Tests, and Portfolio assignments. This is huge for Antonio who would sometimes surf on all those homework A's. I had to REITTERATE the importance of STUDYING, taking his time, reading through the entire question, asking me questions if he isn't getting something. I guess he was under the impression that he was supposed to get through it all as quickly as possible. Yah. That's how you end up with a D. I'm really going to have to plow, plant, feed and water this boy. Even if he gives me attitude about it.

All this reflection reminds me of God and how He deals with us. Gentle reminders to take our time. A Book to read and study. Interactive lessons to reinforce the main ideas. And, when we try to rush through our lessons and mess up, there are consequences. Wake-up Calls! Then, He offers to spend extra time with us so we don't make the same mistakes again. He doesn't give up on us because He loves us so very, very much and wants us to learn and succeed! Even when we give Him attitude about it being too hard or not important. God is a good Father, pure love and endless patience.
I'm going to need His help with Antonio. He'll be there, because I happen to know that Antonio is God's favorite.
As am I.
As are YOU!


  1. God is faithful...He will bring you through what He has called you to. You are a great momma & teacher Dixie! I would love for our girls to be able to soak in the prayer room on a regular basis like yours are. Keep up the good work will all work out. :)

  2. I was homeschooled. I graduated from the family christian academy. I remember when my mom introduced my first internet course. It was when they first started them through the academy. It was an adjustment for me, but after a few months I got the hang of it and back on track.

    A Family Full Of Opinions

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments!

  4. Great reminder.
    Must say, I am not the best homeschooler either.... I tend to just relax a lot and not pressure the kids.
    Sure, i know they are learning, but i don't really "grade" them, persay.They either know it, or they don't.
    I am sure you are doing a wonderful job with all of your children, esp. if you are passing on your faith to them :)


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