Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday hangover...

Yesterday was Sabina's 2nd Birthday. It was fun, joyous, and slightly sad for me because my baby isn't really a baby anymore. She's a KID!
After gift preparations and a made-from-scratch cake, a stressful day, and late party time because of Daddy's work, I have a birthday hangover.
I wanted to post on the birthday and put the cute pictures up.
I wanted to talk about the miracle of God's provision.
I wanted to eat a little more cake before it dried out.

It's late. I'm going to keep you all waiting just a little longer. I know you're all on tenterhooks - I'm truly sorry. (insert appropriate sarcasm.)
Tomorrow. I will be blogger mom again. Tonight I'm just tired out mom. Love to you all.

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  1. Hope you got some rest - sounds like a fun time!


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