Monday, October 26, 2009

Scary Mommy

I have to admit this really struck a chord with me. Her definition is a little different than I first thought it would be. A little more like me. If you agree with my definition of "Scary Mommy", and therefore MYSELF, please comment!

  • I teach them self-reliance by allowing them to make their own breakfast while I sleep in.
  • I sometimes just let them "fight it out."
  • Long, bone-crushing hugs are therapeutic.
  • Forcing Encouraging my children to read isn't actually killing them.
  • My 4 oldest kids have all changed diapers of the 3 youngest. Even the boys! I know, it could cause a revolution!
  • I decided to homeschool all 7 of them. This means I'm actually teaching 5 kids this year. (Maybe more - do you think a 2-year-old can learn the multiplication tables?)
  • I allow and even encourage my children to sing and pray ON the MICROPHONE at the prayer room!
  • I sometimes cry after yelling at my children.
  • I get a little irritated when they all crowd around me and talk at the same time.
  • Time and conversation with my husband (their father) comes first!
  • I went out today wearing sweats, t-shirt, scrunchie, flip-flops. No make-up. Fabulous sunglasses.
  • I don't actually care if my 5-year-old still sucks his fingers when he goes to sleep, as long as he actually sleeps!
  • My kids do chores. I know - it's a crazy concept. Even the littlest picks up toys. (Before joyfully tossing them around the room once more.)
  • Lastly, and maybe the scariest mommy thing to do, I sing and dance in PUBLIC!
Hello, my name is Dixie, and I am a Scary Mommy.


  1. I love it..I could say just about averything you have written there is me I guess Im a scary mummy too..

  2. Not so scary! Great list - I sing and dance too, although NOT in public. Big sunglasses is a cure-all for just about anything that ails the face! ;-)

  3. That's awesome Dixie! Some of those apply to me. Mostly the going out with out hair and make-up, but I have been doing that since...birth! Note to self: go get cool sunglasses.

  4. This is great. Maybe if I had 7 kids I wouldn't care either that Clara Beth still has her pacifier (she's only 3, right?) and that she doesn't eat any produce (she takes a Flintstones vitamin, that's good enough). So I guess the solution to my worrying is just to have lots more kids. I love it!

  5. Oh boy! I could've written this list :)


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