Monday, October 19, 2009

Coleman's Continuing Battle

Coleman heading for a treatment. What a trooper!

This is the latest about my cousin, Coleman, and his battle against Lymphoma from his grandma, my Aunt Nona. Praying for him has just blessed my heart. He's halfway through his chemo treatments. Please continue lifting him and his family up during this trying time. Thank you!

Coleman had his 10th Birthday Wednesday October 7th. His immune system was way down so he couldn't go anywhere or have anyone over. The kids in his class at school brought gifts to school . the teacher brought them to him along with some flowers and balloons. This really made his day.
Coleman just had his 4th treatment Friday October 9th. This time he was to be admitted and kept over night in the hospital. He has 4 more treatments to go.
I got to go into the room where they do the treatment and it was something. They have the room decorated like an ocean. They turn on a projector and it projects the images on a curtain which makes it move like its actually a body of water. Very relaxing in there. Didn't care to watch the procedure itself but the Doctor and nurse were very nice and made Coleman feel very comfortable. They kept him talking practically the whole time. The treatment this time involved the spine. They took from fluid off the spine then administered the medicine. This whole procedure probably lasted about 30 to 45 minutes. Coleman was sedated so he really didn't feel a thing. He just started talking a little silly about watching some beavers playing.
What amazed me was Coleman. He was a little groggy getting back to his room, but as soon as he got in bed and raised his head up, all he wanted to do was eat. And eat he did, nacho cheese chips (a $1.29 bag of chips), a candy bar, some twizzlers, then came lunch of pizza and chocolate cake. This satisfied him for a little while. For dinner he had 2 cheese enchiladas.
As you can see he is doing pretty good.
Later that evening he got to feeling bad and feeling hot. This is a side effect of the medicines he has to take. After the spinal treatment he has to have three different kinds of medicine, which is administered through his port. This happens right after he gets to his room and then later in the day. This is why he has to stay overnight in the hospital. Saturday he came home feeling pretty good.
He still gets tired late in the afternoon and sometimes just hurts all over. He says he cannot explain how it feels other then it just hurts.
The family is well and doing good. Thank you for your prayers.
PRAISE GOD PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED. Treatments could have been worse, family could still be sick, but all this has been taken care of only through all your prayers.
Coleman also wanted me to tell you Thank You for your prayers.

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  1. Continuing to pray for Coleman here--thanks so much for the update. He is such a mighty man! Prayers and blessings as we continue praise God for his progress.



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