Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Girl! & Thankful Thursday

Sabina was the Birthday Princess on the 5th!
She turned 2-years-old and her brother Rocky thought she needed her own tiara.
Here she's looking at the Family Fun cake book pretending to eat each page and trying to find the Puppy Cake.

Since we had a Puppy theme going on - because Sabina LOVES puppies - I got Scooby Snacks for everyone to munch. I'm sure they tasted better than the bone-shaped Pedigree dog food Luca tried a few days ago. EW!

A Few of her favorite things:
The cute headband Cecelia made her from the dollar kit we got at Michael's craft store.
The mirror & brush set I found at Goodwill - brand new people!
And this adorable "Boo" doll from Monster's, Inc. that talks and sings.
The Puppy Cake at last!
Sabina was thrilled to eat her cake at last. She didn't quite get the candle thing. She just blew a little puff of air in that general direction. I'm sure she'll get it next year!

It was a joy-filled celebration for the baby of the family who is officially no longer a baby. *sniff*

Since this is also Thankful Thursday I wanted to add this:

I am thankful for a healthy, adorable, happy 2-year-old daughter who brings joy to my life every day.
I am also thankful for God's provision - tune in tomorrow for a full report on what He gave His child.


  1. Happy Birthday to Sabina! What a great cake!! And I love the Boo doll!! ;-)

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet little princess! Love the pictures. I didn't know you could even get a Boo cute. BTW great job on the puppy cake.

  3. just stumbled across your blog today! your children are adorable and I LOVE that puppy cake!! happy birthday to your little princess!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! LOVE her cake! Just adorable!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sabina!!! Love the cake Dixie-so cute!! :)


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