Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Birthday Props! Rocky's 11th

It's a crazy busy month in August. Ryan "Rocky" James turned 11 on Aug. 9th. We had invitations created and given out about a week before the big day, however the party didn't really come together. 2 of his good friends moved THAT DAY, so we had them over to play hang out a few days earlier. The other friend he invited is a girl, and I think her parents are just not cool with her coming over for a boy's party. Not sure why, but we decided to do something else to make up for the disappointment. Since Rocky had decided on a Lego Beach Party as the theme, we thought it would be appropriate to go to Downtown Disney to the big Lego store. We got there kind of late in the day, but managed to cram in the maximum amount of fun (with Nick on crutches.) Then, after losing and finding Luca in the meandering Disney store, we came home for cake and presents.
Rocky, Luca, Carlo & Sabina greet the Lego family & dogs.
Non-edible Lego cake with Lego flies! Ew.
Keliah with Lego Woody
Sabina & Luca checking out the Lego water serpent.
Rocky creating a car (Luca watching) to race outside of Lego store
We shared the super mega sundae at Ghirardelli soda fountain. YUM

Rocky had a high-concept for his cake. He loves Legos and likes baking, so I provided the goodies, created the water/beach cake and he decorated with the Legos he'd picked out for this purpose. It came out really awesome & showed what a great, creative kid he is. I can still call him a kid for at least the next year, can't I?
Finishing touches by Rocky.
Make a wish! He looks so proud!
Only a small part of the Lego-heavy presents
Happy 11th, Rocky! I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Rocky!

    What an awesome cake... great job! Downtown Disney looked like fun, especially that huge sundae at Ghiradelli- yummy. :)

  2. Rocky, that cake is seriously amazing! You did a fantastic job. I hope you had an awesome birthday, kiddo. Love you.


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