Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another August Birthday(s)

Sophia with her new Scooby lunchbox (Holly & Hope in background)  
I couldn't let 2 very important birthdays pass too far into history without acknowledging them here. On Aug. 16th my niece, Sophia, turned the big 5! She's almost too big for her britches but adorable, sweet, and endlessly funny. She had a Fancy Nancy birthday (like her big cousin Keliah) in the community garden where they live. So cool...and green! She also just started kindergarten on her actual birthday so she's having new adventures every day. (So is my sister who is struggling just a little bit with the schedule change - I love you!) Happy Birthday, Sophia, we are so proud of you & pray many blessings over you!
Also, last Saturday, the 21st was Holly's birthday; she's 30something which means I am 30somethingplus. Scary how the years just keep piling up. Anyway, happy birthday, Holly! We love you so much & want you to know how much we miss you. I pray God's peace over you and many blessings of abundance!

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