Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Sacrifices

With the way things are going, not only in our nation but also in the world, I'm finally convinced that we are IN the end-times. I'm not going to get all political on you or try to convince you of my viewpoint at this time. Suffice it to say, I am determined to make some changes of my own in this horrible/WONDERful time.

Starting with the little things, like television and Coke. I don't really need those things, do you?
They're nice and all, and I'm not going to judge anyone else for watching T.V. or drinking Coca-cola. We all make our own choices. These happen to be mine.

Another little sacrifice I'm willing to make now is my time. My (relatively) peaceful morning time. The time I used to take to linger over breakfast, sipping coffee and reading while the kids played in mostly harmony. I want to have the kids in the prayer room with me - at the Orlando House of Prayer - as much as possible. Not only am I called to be an intercessor, but they are too. They're not too young to be raised up in prayer. This is the time. I'm convinced this is part of the reason that God thrust me into homeschooling this year. He's got to give me a little shove now and again to keep me going on the right path, don't ya know?

I'll be posting more on how we're doing. This morning went pretty well. There were distractions and some squirrelly activity, but there were also warfare prayers and communion. I think as we're there more as a family they will find their place and grow in grace. ;) Feel free to join us as OHOP has live streaming for the live sets now, and IHOP-KC has live streaming of their prayer room 24/7! It will bring peace and joy and love and Jesus into your home!

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