Monday, July 20, 2009

Missing the Kiddos

Well, it's true. I'm missing my 4 oldest kids who have been "away" on vacation to the Midwest for the last (almost) 3 weeks. True, I did get to fly out with them and spend time with Cecelia and Keliah while I was in Omaha, but I'm a bit "kidsick" (i.e. homesick). Antonio and Rocky went to Oklahoma almost right away to stay on the farm with my Aunt and Uncle. They'd already had adventures with horses, fireworks, fishing and a coyote-mauled kitten by the time I flew home. Plus, they got to examine Uncle Rodney's collection of rattles from the snakes he's killed so far this summer. Joy. The girls went to Oklahoma with my parents, my sister and her family a couple days after I left. They got some farm time in and visited all my grandparents that week. Now, the boys are in Lincoln with Nick's parents and his grandma for a fun-filled week. The girls have already managed a sleep-over at Aunt Holly and Uncle Michael's house with Sophia and little Hope. Today, they're having a Fancy Nancy party at Granny's house to be thoroughly girly and frou-frou. Soon, it will be their turn to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's and the boys will finally get to relax at Granny and Papa's house. Although, they've had this summer vacation planned so full, I bet there's not much time allowed for resting. My dad may think that would be a good idea, but if I know my mom she's got lots of interesting possibilities lined up already. Maybe a return trip to the zoo? Movie night? Activity time at the Library?
I just wish they'd write me a letter.

True, I've gotten to talk to all of them on the phone, but a letter is something special. I better write one to them today!

They'll be home in a week and 2 days. My parents are flying with them to have a vacation of their own here in Florida. It's been almost 7 months since they saw Carlo, Luca and Sabina, and I know my mom is dying to teach the word "Granny" to Sabina. I've been trying to tutor her a little. So far, though, all I've gotten out of her is "Yeh-yeh" the name for Grandpa on "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" on Nick Jr. The bilingual Chinese-American adorably kawaii show is totally addictive and I think my 3 youngest love it as much as lollipops. It's certainly as sugary. (I have not been paid for or asked to mention this show.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm missing my big kids a bit. Yesterday, I resorted to Antonio's favorite exclamation: "OH! Dis!" It was slightly nostalgic and made me giggle. I better get on the ball and get the clean sheets on and restore their rooms to temporary tidyness. The next week and 2 days is going to fly by and then we will be restored to normal chaos.


  1. They must be having so much fun with family! I can imagine the depth of your heart missing them though. :) I know what you mean about letters...they are so special...nothing quite compares.

    On a side note, your blog looks wonderful! I really like your header. Did you make it? Was it difficult & time consuming?


  2. I got the blog header on Cutest Blog on the Block (where I got my background) and copied it, then added my own stuff with Photoshop. It wasn't too hard or time consuming. I had already "gussied up" the picture on Photobucket before pasting it on the header. Thanks for stopping by! I need to come by here more often! Looks like you have been busy having all kinds of fun. I'm trying to up my posts a little each week till I get up to an every day rhythm.

  3. I bet you do miss them! I always enjoy time away from my daughter, but I miss her too. But I hope you have fun with your youngest ones and give them lots of special attention!


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