Friday, July 17, 2009

Flying with Daddy

Towing the plane out to the tarmac. Daddy is so strong!

Last week, I had the exciting privilege to go flying with my Daddy. He joined the Air Force straight out of college to be a pilot and realized his dream by flying B-52 bombers. However, most of his career in the service was on the ground, "flying a desk" as he called it. He retired just after Nick and I got married and has since done quite a bit of flying. He's taught private lessons, even did a stint as a charter pilot, and is currently working at the Aero Club on Offutt Air Force Base as chief flight instructor. (I may have that title wrong, but believe me, it's something equally impressive. ;) Anyway, my dad, Jim Newman is a pilot and occasionally does some joy flying, especially when the grandkids are around. He's also the pastor of a church, has been married to my mom for 35 years and has 9 grandchildren. Quite impressive, no?

The view up here - river, crops, roads, God's good earth

It was fun to go up with him in a tiny 4-seater for about half an hour. We flew from the base (on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River), over to the outskirts of Council Bluffs, Iowa where we (kind of) saw my parents' house, then south a little to see the bluffs, farmland, the Platte and Missouri rivers join, a racetrack, and even a golf course with the Omaha skyline on the horizon before landing again. The engine was noisy so we wore headsets with microphones to communicate. Keliah's voice was heard often, I think she was getting a kick out of it. She even asked quite loudly when the radio chatter was going to stop. Daddy said he thinks that the controllers must go home tired out from talking all day. (I think sometimes that happens to Keliah, who doesn't want to talk to me on the phone. What, you're eating bagels? "Yes." Are you having fun? "yes" Did you ride the horse? "yes" What's up with that?)
Cecelia and Keliah - enjoying the flight

I only had one moment of fright during this time. When we were about to take off, Daddy turns to me and says, "If my seat for some reason falls back suddenly when we take off, just pull this black knob so we don't flip over." Uh, okay. Inside, I'm praying this doesn't happen because my brain would probably freeze!
Thank you, Daddy, for a great day. It was a great chance to appreciate the glorious beauty God has created for us to enjoy. How green the grass and fields! How lovely the winding river! How amazing the farms and roads, bridges and cities that we small humans have created with the talents God has given. And, how incredibly blessed I am to have you for my earthly father. Love you!

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  1. That is so cool Dixie!! What a treat for your girls too!!! So glad you could manage a break to visit back home. You are such an inspiring Mom to me. :)



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