Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The New Baby

Just when I was really reveling in the fact that Sabina is my last baby (and growing up so fast), we got a new one. A few weeks ago we rescued a puppy. He was 10 weeks old at the time; sweet, fluffy and quiet. That didn't last. Although I did not have to endure the hardship of pregnancy or the ordeal of labor and delivery, there are many similarities here. Indy - the name we agreed on - cries when left alone or if he's in trouble, steals toys from the other kids and tries to break them, gets up during the night, and is also growing so fast. The nice thing is, Daddy gets up and takes him out. I get to stay in bed unless there's a mess to deal with. The kids were so excited at first. They love dogs and have been asking for one for ages. I wanted all the kids to be potty trained before we got a dog. I lost on that one. Sabina hasn't started yet. But, she is the only child in the house who's not afraid of Indy. He's a rambunctious puppy mix of black lab and border collie - sometimes called a borador. He's still fluffy and occasionally sweet. He likes to run and "herd" the kids, if they freak out, he tries harder. I'm trying to teach them to stand their ground and tell him NO if he snips at them. So far, only Sabina (at 19 months) is reliable on the "No, Indy." They are buddies. She plays in the water bowl, and he picks up the food she drops.
It's a symbiotic relationship.


  1. He is adorable!! I love the puppies!

    Stopping by from SITS. I'm off to read some more of your stuff :)

  2. Hi Dixie - I love it! I think I'll be able to keep up with this. I'm not on Myspace hardly at all anymore, have mostly switched to Facebook. But even then school sucks most of my time :)
    Sabina and I have lots in common!
    Love you!


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