Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Diving In!

After months of planning to start a blog, and much anxiety about the "look" and "tone," I've decided to just go for it. One of my friends who blogs with her husband suggested putting pictures up and building around them. Since I have adorable, amazing children, I thought that was a pretty good idea.

This is Sabina - aka #7 - she is cute, funny, astounding and definitely God's child.
Right here she's trying to show me something and wondering why I have the camera pointed at her again. At 1 1/2, she has more wisdom than I do, but I do wish she had more hair. The best thing is she loves to dance at church. She's been dancing since before she could crawl!

This is Rocky (Ryan) - #2 , I'm not sure why these are out of order, but oh, well. He is 9 1/2, very active, a little crazy and creative. As you can see, he was recently awarded the Kiwanis Terrific Kid in his class. No small feat for one more inclined to talk in class, question authority, and rush through homework. ;)

Luca is #6, all boy, crazy about dinosaurs, cars, and slides. He just turned 3 last month and is still very much a momma's boy. But, I am under the suspicion that all Italian boys are, no matter how watered down that blood gets.

Here is Carlo - #5, he's 4 1/2 and despite being on the small side, he has a lot of personality. He loves to draw and color, play with blocks, and can be kinda sneaky.

This is Keliah, she's #4 (what I thought would be my last.) She's 6 and loves kindergarten. Well, actually, now she's ready to pass kindergarten and move on to 1st grade already! An artist, dancer, and singer, she blows me away with her star quality. Anybody know Miley's agent?

Cecelia is #3, the long anticipated girl (for me.) She's almost 8, also loves to dance and sing. She wants to be a writer; she's been quite prolific at school this year! Recently she's begun to make up songs for God (like her daddy.) Right here, she's showing off the Russian Tea cookies she made with Dad.

Antonio is the oldest - numero uno - #1; he's pretty big stuff. At 11, he's still a kid but realizing for the first time that childhood is coming to an end before he's ready. He loves God, is working his way through the Bible for the first time, and loves the drums. I would say he's been playing since he was 1 1/2, but he hasn't had enough lessons to really "play" yet. In this picture, he's dressed up for a recent speech competition. Isn't he cute? I mean handsome. :D

Well, there ya go. My 7 kiddos, ages 11 and under. Life is busy, sometimes chaotic, definitely noisy. But, it's also filled with so much love and sweetness that my heart aches with thankfulness.

Verse of the day:
Psalm 92:4 "For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of your hands."


  1. I wanted to be the very first person to post a comment on your new blog- very exciting! Your kids are all beautiful. I'm excited to get to keep up with them this way. By the way, we have a blog too ( Isn't technology great?


  2. Yea!!! So glad you've jumped in the blog pool! Your children are just darling!!! I'm excited to read about your adventures!


  3. I had no idea you had 7 kids! You are awesome! Your blog is off to a great start! If you want to check mine out, the link is on my FB page.


  4. Wow, 7 kids under 11 years. That's amazing! I bet you have a lot of great stories to share. My husband is #2 of 6 and they are all spread out. It's weird to think I have a brother in law the same age as your oldest :)


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