Friday, May 22, 2009

My Man

I thought it was the right time to introduce my husband of over 13 years - Nick.
He is, after all, the one who got me in this mess.

He is currently the Prayer Room and Worship Director at the Orlando House of Prayer.
That's a pretty fancy title for a guy who loves God, worships and sings while leading a team on the piano, and got roped in to this administrative position as OHOP grows. God can be such a taskmaster sometimes. But, I am so proud of Nick; he has answered the call and stepped up in an amazing way. He's doing an incredible job. He's grown so much since I met him at age 18. Back then, he was the "music star" on campus. The type of guy who would have gone all the way on American Idol - if it had been around at the time.

When we got married at age 19, it was because we didn't want to live apart from each other at all. We were so madly, deeply in love that we didn't see the point of waiting just because we were young. We had no idea what we were getting into.

Thankfully, 7 kids later, we are still madly, deeply. I really put it down to "growing up" together, and above all to the love of God. Our relationship with God has seen us through the rough times in our relationship with each other. It also helps to be married to a man who can write heart-stoppingly beautiful love songs.

I am so blessed.


  1. What a sweet "How we met" story. Thanks for sharing. The photo of your husband holding your baby is beautiful. I love the top photo, too. He looks a little guilty, eh? ;)

    I followed you over here from I'll definitely have to come back.

  2. What a lovely, lovely post and such a beautiful tribute to a love that was clearly blessed in God's house.


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