Friday, February 18, 2011

The Teen Years

That's right, we've entered the teen years in our home. And, I gotta tell ya, it's not all bad. Sure, Antonio is now officially taller than I am and he has this cute shadow over his top lip, but he's also a really great kid! Not only is he willing to watch his little brothers and sisters while Nick & I take a coffee date, but he actually makes sure stuff is cleaned up and the dog is taken out. (I've gotten a few complaints about his bossiness, but I think that's okay considering he's the oldest.) We've really been blessed by our firstborn and he continues to bless others as well.
As heartbroken as I am to realize my little blond-haired angelic baby is growing up, I am also happy that he is becoming a man after God's heart.
We didn't have a big party, but Antonio did invite a friend over to spend the night for the first time. The two of them, Rocky, and Nick went and played a couple sessions of laser tag, we shared a meal, and pigged out on my creation of a S'More Cake. It was messy, gooey, and yummy + ice cream. Later, they played Wii and PS3 till about midnight and crashed out on couches in the living room. Church time came too early the next day. ;) 
Happy Birthday Antonio! You bring joy to my heart and love to my life. I expect your teen years to be amazing!

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Another mom and daughter of the King of a teenager confessing blessings over him in his youth!!! Praise God! We must be mom's who are cheerleaders over God's gifts to us! I just love you already! By the way, what a fun birthday party..and a smores cake??? Yummy, delicious! Your blog blesses me!


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