Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fancy Nancy Birthday!

Yes, last Saturday (over a week ago) we had the long-awaited and sadly postponed Fancy Nancy birthday party to celebrate Keliah's 7th birthday.

Fancy Girls: Madi, Cecelia, Keliah, and Mia

We were so happy to have the lovely Madi and Mia join us in our finery. (See their wonderful Mom's blog here) We were very girly and silly for about half an hour until Antonio got out his huge Nerf gun and started a 30-minute-run-around-the-house-and-scream fiesta. Gotta love big brothers.
We had a fashion show, with the girls doing their best "Runway" strut.

Then, because the little ones were ready for treats, we sat down at the table to make our own candy necklaces (with cute kits I got at Target.)

That blended pretty seamlessly into the birthday candle blow-out, singing time. Everyone got to make their own "fancy" cupcake. I had frosted them all pink and set out edible decorations for them to choose from. We had sprinkles, princess toppings, chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips, marachino cherries, colored sugar, pastel mints, as well as any candy left over when they finished their necklaces. Every cupcake was different, and they were all fancy!

I also served ice cream and sparkling apple juice. After this, Keliah opened presents and then the sugar rush kicked in! The squealing/screaming was pretty funny, especially when my ears throbbed with the noise. We managed to get them calm enough for me to read "Bonjour Butterfly" the Fancy Nancy book we got her as they sat beneath the pink gauze canopy put up especially for the party. That only managed to last a little bit longer than the pink crepe paper streamers Rocky festooned the rooms with. We were sad to say good-bye to our friends, promising to get together soon at the park, and sent them home with Fancy Nancy coloring sheets and new sparkle glue. I was a tiny bit glad to take off my fancy clothes and get comfortable, but was sad the girliness was over. I think I need more opportunities to get loverly.


  1. It sounds like it was a lovely birthday party. So girlie and pretty. LOVE the idea to decorate their own cupcakes. CUTE!

  2. You have to tell Keliah that I am very sorry, but I totally lied about getting the birthday-Christmas package in the mail this past week. I am so close to having it ready, and it just isn't. Augh!


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