Monday, November 16, 2009

Coleman Update - Press in!

My 10-yr.-old cousin, Coleman, is battling Lymphoma and winning! This last treatment time was scary and just underscores the importance of praying for wisdom for the medical staff involved. This precious boy is a warrior and in Jesus' name he is healed and his battle has come to an end! Please continue lifting him and his family up for strength and peace. Thank you!
This is the update from his grandma:

Coleman had a treatment on Oct. 29th that was not the best. This was a treatment where he had to stay overnight. The doctor over prescribed his steroid medicine while in the hospital. Michele questioned the nurse about the amount of steroid they were giving him. She had remarked that it was 3 times what he had been taking.
When Michele tried to get the prescription filled the pharmacist refused to fill it. Thank God the pharmacist was alert enough to refuse to fill the prescription stating that it was too large a dosage for Coleman's age and size. In the mean time, Coleman was complaining that he felt like fleas were crawling all over him and that something in his chest needed to pop out. The Lord was looking out for Coleman because Michele did not give him the full dosage when they first came home, due to being so busy, or it could have been worse. Needless to say Coleman's parents were not real happy with what went on. They have the dosage straightened out and he is doing just fine now.
The only good thing that came from being in the hospital for this treatment was Coleman got to meet coach Bob Stoops, get his picture taken with him and receive an autograph football. This made his day.
Coleman does not have to take another treatment until November 29th. This will be a spinal treatment, but he will not have to stay overnight at the hospital. After this treatment he will have a cat scan done and they will decide if more treatment is needed or not (Praying not). Will let you know when this is done.
Coleman's spirit has been good and his health has been pretty good. Your prayers has helped tremendously with this.
Thanks to each one of you for praying for Coleman and for caring.
God Bless each of you,


  1. Oh! What wonderful news! I have been keeping Coleman in my prayers and I am so thrilled to hear he is winning his battle! Praise God!

  2. Fantastic news! I am so happy to hear he is winning his fight.


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