Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coleman Update and Blog 4 a Cure

This is my brave little cousin Coleman (age 9) who is fighting the good fight - against Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. He is brave and awesome and I am lifting him up in prayer daily. Below is an update on his journey through this battle, written by his grandma - my Aunt Nona.

Prayers are still being answered.
Coleman had his port in on Sept. 18th and had his first treatment. The treatment consisted of 3 different kinds of medicine. The chemo was given to him in the spine at the time he had the port put in. Then later in the evening the second treatment (around 3:00 p,m.) was administered. Then Saturday morning the third dose was given him. They kept him in the hospital until Monday morning. He did really well, did not have a bad reaction to any of the medication.
Then on Friday Sept. 25 he received his 2nd treatment. He was only there a half a day. He did good on this treatment also.
Coleman goes for his next treatment this Friday Oct. 2nd and will stay in the hospital over night as he has the three medications again.
Doctors said everything was going very well so far.
I would like to ask that you pray for the rest of the family's health: Michele (mom), Brian (dad), Mallory, Carlye, and Joseph. All of them have been sick at one time or the other for the last 2 weeks. We really need them to get well as Coleman's immune system will be not be able to fight infections as he takes his treatments. Actually it's good that they are catching all this now while Coleman can still fight off infection. I pray that they will get all this over with and not be sick for the next 6 weeks.
Again I want to say thank you for all your prayers and words of comfort.

Please continue to pray for Coleman and his family as they stay strong in the fight and live in the Light. Thank you!

Also, check out this link for an awesome way to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and enter to win one of the many giveaways this week!


  1. I will pray for him------glad I found you today. I am now a follower

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the blog party, and for helping spread the word. I'll keep him in my prayers as well.

  3. Our prayers for Coleman. God bless, young man!


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