Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Mother's Great Voice in Heaven

The tag line on this blog is "the joys and trials of raising 7 children in a house of prayer." I realized that I haven't been sharing too many joys lately. I experience them, but haven't written about them. Which is maybe (part of) why God felt that I needed this word from Him. My friend Susan, whom I've known for at least 15 years, but only lately have come to be on any kind of intimate level with, got this word for me and typed it up. She gave it to Nick while he was visiting his family last week to bring home to me. I am so grateful to her for her ability to listen to that "still small Voice" and her obedient heart. I'm sharing this because it gave me such joy and encouragement and I think it will do the same for some of you.

Do you not know?
Have you not considered this:
         A mother has a great voice in heaven
         A mother's prayer, a mother's tears move the heart of God that He may tenderly bend down to His daughter to catch every whispered heartache.

Is it enough that God the Father knows your name?
Is it enough that angels are dispatched when you pray?
Where would you be great? Upon the earth that will burn with fire at the end?
Keep looking to Me, to My words, for My words will build you up, they will shape you and mold you.
        Who knows your name? Where do you go for praise and recognition?
        Who holds the secrets of your heart?
        Who walks with you?

        My very precious daughter, your faith is a delight to Me. I shall lead you to the altar and re-ignite the passions of your heart as you have desired, for it is My desire.

        Take heart, this is only for a season, the way you feel now will not be forever. All mothers/mother hearts go through this. I know, for I too have a mother's heart for I am El Shaddai, the all-sufficient One, the Provider. I nurture all who come to Me.

        What seems to you a smoldering wick about to go out is quite the bright light in the courts of God.
Your faithfulness amazes the angels before Me, for you attend to Me without seeing My Glory or Holiness. Blessed are you My little one, for your children will rise up and call you "blessed".
         You say, "I have done no great thing for the Lord. My deeds are small."
         I say, your deeds are only small to human eyes. Eternity is being planted in the hearts of your children, being raised to know and glorify the Lord. This is an awesome work before Me that no angel, no cherub, no seraph or living creature is able to do.
         Your day is coming my very precious daughter, the day when I will draw you deeper into My chamber, I will cup your face in My hands and look lovingly upon you. In that place, great things are before you.
         You have yet to know this place but have yearned for it.
         I tell you it is a surety in My heart and shall be.
         Take heart, for your God is strong on your behalf and delights in the faith you have in the small things.
         Great things grow from small seeds.

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