Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "New" House

We are getting blessed in a big way. We have the chance to be homeowners by the glory of God.
However, this is a distressed property that needs a LOT of work. Nick & I started another blog for our family to chronicle the story of our home. I know a few of you have made your way over there already! It's and Nick's already posted a couple times. I was working on this blog today, but I'll put in some work over there tomorrow so it's not so generic. ;)
I just wanted to put the "before" video of the house over here too. It just gives you a taste of what we're up against next weekend when the work begins.


  1. This is awsome Dixie, I hope everything goes well and smooth! Love you guys!

  2. Not only am I excited about your house, and helping you guys out on Saturday, but GREAT JOB ON THE BLOG! I think Blogger is much harder to use/customize than Wordpress. I had a free hosted Wordpress account at and account with blogger. Eventually I just used a hosted Wordpress account for the flexibility, but it looks like you did a real good job with this one!

  3. Congratulations!! It will be fantastic when its all fixed up!

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  4. Holy cow, Dixie! That's an amazing house. I bet there's quite a story behind it. Kind of sad to think that someone had to leave all their stuff like that. But what a huge blessing for you guys. I know there will be lots of work ahead, but it'll be beautiful when it's finished!


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