Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Moment of Reflection...

On our recent trip to St. Augustine, partly to celebrate my husband, Nick's birthday, we stopped in the Greek Orthodox shrine. It's so beautiful, and has an interesting history recorded there from the earliest years of settlement in the area. We have a Catholic background, and the idea of prayer candles really spoke to our children. Nick paid for a candle, we all laid fingers on it (all 9 of us) and offered up prayers to God for our family. Then, the wick was gently tipped into the flame of another candle before Keliah planted it as firmly as she could in the sand. It was a beautiful moment.
Those candles are only representing the prayers going forth to the throne room, but I thought it was a special reminder that the flame from someone's heart can spark the prayer from another's. Just as our prayers for the children battling cancer can spread to the community, sending warmth and support to the families contending for the life and health of their children.
Please take a moment to pray for them, take a few minutes to visit the other blogs participating in the 2nd Annual Tuesday Blog Party. Thank God for the health of your own children, and remember the moms who are spending this Mother's Day weekend with their children in hospital beds. You can help with your small flame. Thank you.

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