Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Birthday Parade

On August 2nd, while we were on vacation, Carlo Z. turned 5! I can hardly believe it, partly because he's always been so small, but mostly I think it's about how I felt about him when he was a baby. I thought he would be my last. We were finally on track with the Natural Family Planning and this little one was a blessing and surprise I could baby for a while. Little did I know... Anyway, we had a great time celebrating with "Granny" and "Papa." We had a Kung Fu Panda birthday theme and my parents really blessed Carlo with a new bike! Now, he is a big kid too, especially with the sweet helmet we got him. ;)

Rocky turned 10 on Aug. 9th; it was a busy week. My parents celebrated with him a little early since they had to head home on Friday, but we had a fun time on his actual birthday. He got to pick out the birthday dinner: lasagna, rolls and salad, followed up with Rocky Road ice cream and a Swimmer cake. (Notice the snorkeler mask on the face of the cake.) It's been a little hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I now have 2 kids in double digits. I can't be that old, can I? Rocky's number 1 gift request was Legos - of which he already has millions, I think - so he was so happy when he ended up with 3 new sets! I was just happy we were able to get him a gift at all. Funds have been tight, but my kids' happiness comes first. What is childhood without birthdays?

My favorite part of all our birthdays is when Nick prays over the special person of the day. We thank you, Lord, for the amazing things you have for Carlo and Rocky! They are truly blessings in my life, and many others' lives. May they grow in knowledge of God and grow in relationship with Jesus! (On a slightly less spiritual note: Did you notice how Luca managed to make it into most of the birthday pictures? You've got to admire the little party animal.)

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